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& Reception
We recognise that the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curricula follow the EYFS in a continuum. To facilitate a smooth transit from EY to KS 1, we prepare profiles which will provide parents, carers and teachers with a well-rounded picture of each child’s knowledge, understanding and abilities, their progress against expected levels, and their readiness for Year 1.
We set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge children while forging positive professional relationships and working with parents and/or carers so as to meet these expectations. The EY teachers understand the important influence of parents and/or carers and thus partner with them to support the child's wellbeing, learning and development.


(Key Stage 1) Year 1 & 2
(Key Stage 2) Year 3 to 6
Our Primary School Curriculum provides a child-focused environment that promotes a sense of wonder, investigation and interest in the world in which we live.
We aim to ignite passion with a unique curriculum where creativity, intuition, and self-exploration take priority.


(Key Stage 3) Year 7 to 9

Shaping their inquisitive nature into a habit of lifelong learning, our school is dedicated to building analytical, compassionate and well-rounded children.
We aim to build life-readiness, resilience, leadership and drive for excellence by giving these young people first-hand exploration experience.
Each child holds the same opportunity to lead, take charge, and excel academically and socially.
Extracurricular activities forge not only physical fitness and sportsmanship, but also the creativity, curiosity, and courage necessary to guide them along their path to adulthood.


(Key Stage 4) Year 10 & 11
Preparation For IGCSE
Our high school students are the role models of prepared young individuals with life skills, talents, and knowledge to guide their success in the 21st century.
We employ varied pedagogy to encourage and hone critical thinking skills and social awareness. Through meaningful activities, the school aspires to create principled, collaborative, creative, and highly responsible global citizens.

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