Learning in Early Years lays the foundation for a successful and happy future.

In our Early Years Foundation classes, the children acquire the skills needed to become strong, confident individuals who are capable of learning and achieving through positive relationships and conducive environments. Our core values are based on the understanding that every child is unique.

Through interactive learning, your child uses the curriculum areas to build up key basic skills in the seven areas of learning. These skills, experiences and learning opportunities are presented to the children through meaningful play contexts and adult led activities which ensure that each child has the opportunity to play, and explore in an active and engaging environment that allows them to be creative, think critically and take risks to achieve more.

Our teachers meticulously observe your child to understand what they are able to do, how they are learning and use this information to plan the next steps in their learning. These lessons and learning opportunities are planned to ensure children will apply the basic skills confidently and prepare them for the next stage of schooling in Year 1.

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